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City to Run Out of Water on Tuesday Due to Main Water Line Break

Latest Update @10 pm 8/13:The Grand Prairie emergency water crisis continues. Limit water to personal hygiene only. Repairs continue and are expected to be complete tomorrow, but we will need time to test the lines, disinfect the water and refill the water storage tanks. So continue restricted use through Thursday morning (Aug. 15, 2013). That means use water for essential personal hygiene only.

Because of the great job our citizens and businesses have done conserving water today, we did not run out as predicted this morning. Keep it up through Thursday morning. Hats off to the heroic water crews working 24/7 to repair the line and establish temporary water connections to our neighboring cities.

The City of Grand Prairie reports the city will run out of water on August 13 due to Monday night's main supply line break.

  • Turn off all outdoor irrigation systems until further notice.
  • Do not water lawns manually.
  • Only use water for essential personal hygiene.
  • Use bottled water for drinking.
Recovery expected by Friday.

The supply line that broke was one of two main water supply lines into Grand Prairie from Dallas. All city water wells have been activated, but are not enough to restore water supply to its normal amount.

It is crucial for residents to comply to these restrictions until further notice.

Latest update: Repairs expected late today, with water tanks refilling Wednesday. Full recovery expected by Thursday or Friday. If you have water pressure, only use water for essential personal hygiene. Use bottled water for drinking.